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Private Owner Carry-Back Mortgage Notes

Private Mortgage Notes, or as they are sometimes known, Owner Carry-Back Mortgages, are mortgage-backed promissory notes that are the result of a seller of a single family home, condominium, multi-family residence or other residential or commercial building providing some degree of finance to the new buyer of the dwelling at the time of closing.  They can be for the full amount of the mortgage on the sale (first position notes) or can be partial (second position notes) behind a traditional mortgage lender. 

Payment Stream Purchase USA is a nationwide buyer of private mortgage notes.  If you are the holder of a private mortgage note receiving monthly or quarterly payments and would like a LUMP Sum of CASH for any reason, we can help.   As the owner of a private mortgage note you can.....

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You can receive a "no obligation" confidential quote on your private carry-back mortgage note from Payment Stream Purchase USA by simply completing our online form and submitting it to our underwriters.  A representative will contact you within 48 hours to begin processing your request. 

Attn: Real Estate Professionals and FSBO Sellers

While owner carry-back mortgages can often provide the catalyst to get the deal done, many sellers are reluctant to hold mortgage paper for lengthy periods of time.  Before you structure your deal, contact us regarding how to make your private mortgage attractive for resale at a later date if necessary.

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For many note holders in need of Fast Cash, selling a set number of future payments provides the perfect solution.  This option, known as a "Partial", allows the note seller the flexibility to receive the exact amount of cash required for short-term needs and to retain the balance of the note and it's payment stream for future income.  To find out more, you can request our FREE report on partials by completing our Contact Us Form.